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Satellite TV Centre was established in April 2007. We are a relatively young company in the UK market but nevertheless are a strong competition in the longer compared existing firms in the industry.


Our business is conducted mainly based on a website and e-commerce as a main part of our business strategy. This enables us to offer our customers products and services at very reasonable prices in comparison to competing companies and individuals engaged in occasional service for the installation of satellite dishes and equipment sales. Orders are quickly because most equipment in our shop we have currently in stock. In specific cases, if the item is not currently available clearly about this and give the information to inform you when we expect delivery, or by what date we are able to complete the order.



As a legally operating company, we provide our customers with service equipment purchased from us under the terms of the Guarantee! Surely you do not need to explain to those who brought the defective or not operating equipment Polish, what is important is to have a comfortable and broken equipment the opportunity to donate to the site Guarantee here in the UK. Only we offer a replacement for the duration of your stay your damaged equipment on the site!


On the pages of our site you will find all the interested parties useful information regarding our offer, news in the world of TV and many others. In our forums, you can also ask questions or bothering to share their experiences and insights.


Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers quickly, comprehensively and at a high level while maintaining the lowest possible prices. We want to be your supplier for Satellite Television Number One in the UK and therefore is constantly expanding its network of distributors and professional installers to become available in every city.


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